Monday, July 7, 2008


All the media houses were in their glee, drooling over the impending press conference by the PNM's rejected candidate for COP, Stephen Williams this morning. It was hoped he would divulge details of his recent 'secret' meeting with Prime Minister Patrick Manning. The Newsday's Nalinee Seelal wrote "To add to the growing controversy, Williams told Newsday yesterday that he intends to hold a press conference this morning at the Police Administration Building and will reveal all about his meeting with Prime Minister Patrick Manning last week."
Clearly Mr Williams gave everyone a six for a nine.

TV6's headline for the midday news was 'Williams reveals all', while CNC 3's lead story was that Mr Williams was giving details of his meeting with the Prime Minister.
The soundbite used by CNC 3 was Mr Williams telling the press he could not give any details of his meeting with the prime minister. Eh? At least they had two soundbites.
TV6's Leeron Brummel went to the press conference and we did not see any soundbites from him, but just a report via telephone.
Why didn't Leeron send his first tape back to the office like CNC did so we could at least get something from Mr Williams to back up Leeron's telephone report?

And come come TV6. Grenadians will be voting on Tuesday, so why use the headline 'Grenada Polls'? At the top of his live report from St. George's, Andy Johnson said today is a day of prayer for the people of that country. Why not use that as the headline instead?
And where was the light for Andy's face? He looked like a toolum, with the midday sun directly overhead. Steups! It's not his job to figure these things out. He did his part by providing the report.
Where is the producer to ensure the lighting is correct and the information provided by Andy (in a quick discussion before he goes on air) ties into the headline?????