Friday, July 18, 2008


Well it seems HR managers in the media industry are very busy these days as there's lots of movement taking place.
We have been informed that CNC 3 has lost Neil Beekhee and Jameila Constance. It's unclear where Miss Constance is off to, but it seems Mr Beekhee is heading over to CNMG, where Curtis Williams will be his Acting Head of News.
Curtis is taking over from Julian Rogers who is now the international corporate communications consultant at a well-known telecommunications conglomerate.

While back at CNC 3, Sampson Nanton has been given the nod to hold down the post of Head of News while Mr & Mrs Sant take a well-needed vacation. Well Astil, if that's the only way you'll get to read the sportscast you had better make the most of it.
Maybe Sampson can put in a good word for you to read more often once Roger gets back.

Former TV6 poster girls Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks and Charlene Stuart are coincidentally now colleagues again at the Government Information Service, in the familiar roles of presenter and reporter.

And we understand Sunil Ramdeen of WIN TV was tipped to take over the post of Acting Head of News at CNMG, but that plan fell through, while a certain high-profile radio boss is tipped to revamp WIN TV.