Saturday, July 5, 2008


Kudos first of all to the four young men who returned Jimbo the pitbull puppy to Brent Metivier (there's a story there waiting to be told!), and kudos as well to Rohandra John and her photographer for a well written and photographed story in the Saturday Express.

And while we are on the Express, Aretha Welch has a write-up on basically a press release from Digicel with the headline 'Digicel claims 39% rise in market share'. But Aretha we want to pick a bone with your sub or whoever came up with the headline.
At first glance, the reader thinks, "Wow! Digicel whipping TSTT boy! 39% increase in market share?". But on closer inspection of the story, Miss Welch tells us "...reported a 39 per cent increase in subscribers from the Caribbean and Latin America within its last financial year...".
Steups! Certainly not 39% market increase in Trinidad & Tobago, which would have made for interesting reading.
That is glaringly misleading your readers.