Friday, July 25, 2008


Here's another comment on the You Tube fiasco.


"If you're going to criticise (deservedly) Sasha for her amateurish interview, shouldn't you at least get your grammar right?

"You say: "She must have went to the Dan Rather school of TV Journalism."
No, she must have gone to the Dan Rather school of TV Journalism. That's the correct usage.

"Also, you say: "...I thought TV Journalists in the U.S. are bad." Granted, there are some crap journalists in the U.S., but I can't recall when last I saw an interviewer be humiliated the way Jerry Narace did Sasha. I've watched the late Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Gwen Ifill, that ass Bill O'Reilly and others interview powerful business people and politicians on controversial topics (the Iraq war, for instance), and have never seen any of them have the interview hijacked by the guest and be disrespected in this way. This 'interview' was a disgrace.

"What it showed was:
a) the complete lack of respect elected officials like Narace have for the media in Trinidad
b) the amateurish approach to journalism in Trinidad

"The first point derives from the second. If you send out amateur journalists to do a professional's job, what do you expect? Sasha didn't just let herself and TV6 down, she exposed the whole charade that is T&T media."


Mike, we have been saying that for a long time. But it seems no one is listening.