Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is getting really tedious.
So, there's a car crash in Arima and one person dies. But two newspapers confuse us because we are told in one account that the driver died, and we are told in the other account that the passenger died.

In the account in the Express (no byline), "...Akil Joel Walters, 24, died at the Arima Area Hospital following an accident on the he (sic) Eastern Main Road, in the vicinity of Wallerfield. Walters, of Carapo Village, Arima, lost control of his Nissan Almera as he headed west around 1 a.m. and ran into an electricity pole, police said.
The lone passenger in the car, Quasey Butcher, 25...".

But the Newsday's Ralph Banwarie tells us "Akeel Walter, 24, of Carapo died when the car driven by his friend Kwesi Butler ran off the road, crashed into an electricity pole and onto the banks of the Guanapo River. Butler reported that at about 1 am, he was driving his gold Nissan Almera B16 car west...".

And did you notice that the names of the victim and survivor are spelt differently in both accounts?
Hmmmmmmmm. Who got the accident report from the police? Who spoke with the survivor?