Monday, July 28, 2008


Here's another one of those 'What?' stories, as told to us by the Newsday and the Guardian.
Two men were shot to death but the two reporters give us conflicting information on what was the motive for the murders, according to the investigators they spoke with.

The Guardian's Camille Clarke tells us "Investigators said the men were killed when they attempted to purchase a car with $40,000 in counterfeit currency.
They suspect that Collette and Ambrose were killed after their assailants discovered the money was fake."
She also tells us the bodies were found "at an Aranguez Gardens South nursery in San Juan...".

The Newsday's Karl Cupid tells us "Police investigators said yesterday that they believe Collette and Ambrose went to Aranjuez to purchase a car for $50,000 but were instead robbed of the cash and shot dead."

Miss Clarke, how do the police know the money was fake? Did they find some of the notes scattered near the bodies? Did someone call and inform them of this? Did the men tell someone the money was fake before they left Tobago?

And what is the correct spelling of the place where they were found?