Monday, July 7, 2008


Here is a comment for Wendell Constantine, the new host of Prime Time T&T on CNMG following the departure of Julian Rogers.

"Wendell Constantine over at CNMG saw it fit to address the issue of the three year old child that was battered to death by a relative. Very relevant I thought...and great going Wendell.
But Wendell, to line you up next to Julian Rogers will gives us a chalk and cheese situation. Sorry to make the comparison but Julian does have his signature all over that show; after all he did start it.

"You should have taken some tips from Julian who ask questions and pose remarks, or comments of his own that require a response.
But you Wendell have your guests responding to your opinions on the issues being discussed. I was so sorry Diana Mahabir Wyatt was subjected to this painful ordeal on your Prime Time show on Monday evening.
Interviewer bias plagues your show Wendell. You keep influencing the response of the interviewee. Where did you learn that Wendell? Sigh, your opinions, not questions are making me tired.