Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The new-look Guardian needs a guard, apparently. Who is watching whom?


"The Guardian has pumped so much money into its new-look format in an effort to be competitive, (I prefer the old broad-sheet Guardian because it covers work-tables, the bottom of bird-cages and dog kennels better, however) yet its online edition leaves a lot to be desired.
Like the coffee isn't working; in the Guardian online 1 July edition, the letters section is filled with death notices instead (perhaps this is a subliminal message of the Guardian's slipping in ratings?) and the site is not maintained daily."

"Criticus Maximus"

Well CM, maybe you can forward this message to the email address on the letters page: letters@ttol.co.tt
Then again, they may be tempted to put it in the obituaries.
And we actually prefer the draft online page they posted some time ago. It was much better than this one.