Monday, July 7, 2008


Astil seems really relaxed on the set while reading the sportscast.
Wonder why the folks at TV6 didn't give him a chance to show what he can do?
Well Astil we can tell you that we are pleased that your head is not violently swinging from left to right like your colleague over at TV6, Joel Villafana.
No offence Joel, but we have to take gravol tabs to look at your sportscast, so we would prefer to watch Roger, Robert and now Astil.
He doesn't seem nervous at all. But there was a long pause before the bmobile football story.

And oh dear, the first boo boo for Astil. He voiced a report on cricket and said his name in the tag, which was left in the report.
This is probably an indicator that his reading the sportscast was a last minute decision, not planned for days on end.
Tut tut. Not your fault Astil. Maybe with all the excitement surrounding your debut the editor forgot to remove the tag.