Saturday, July 5, 2008


Hmmm. Some words of admonishment/advice for some young reporters.

"Desha Rambajhan over at CNMG you're not getting away from this one.
On Thursday night you made a mighty boo boo. Your presenter Charlene Ramdhanie went to you live for a report on the crime meeting that was taking place - where was it Desha? Anyway, while the National anthem was playing, you were in your nervous glee reporting live...
Are you one of those Young/Junior reporters raking in a heck of a salary from CNMG every month? STEWPS!!!
You wet behind the ears with milk junior reporters that think you all are all that are just painful to follow sometimes. Desha next time you go stage side when the National Anthem is playing (stop talking!).

"And Natoya Johnson over at TV6 I have not forgotten you either, some weeks ago you did a story on Andy Williams whose house was shot up by bandits in Diego Martin and Natoya you referred to Andy as a 'journalist'.
Well I have news for you. He is a talk show host. Go ask your head of News the difference.
You kids are just pissing me off.
STEWPS at you too Natoya."


And Desha in your defence, your producer was probably the one who told the director to go to you at that particular moment when the anthem was playing, so technically it's not your fault because you must have been told to start talking, and you probably would have looked rather stupid standing there either singing or humming the anthem.
However if you did not have a producer at Chaguanas and your producer was in studio, he or she may not have heard that the band was about to strike up the anthem, so the onus would have been on you to say don't come to me right now, give me a minute.
And then again, the announcement was probably being made for the singing of the anthem at the very moment your director went to you.
It's just unfortunate, but now you know better.