Sunday, July 6, 2008


There's another new face at Express TV. Rhea-Simone Auguste joins her colleagues Aretha Welch & Rowan Gould (we have not seen Kristy Ramnarine or Julien Neaves in a while).
Miss Auguste is very perky, especially when she comes to the entertainment section and that story on the local rock band, Orange Sky.
Well Miss Auguste is certainly a more fluent reader than all the others we have seen so far, but there were a couple of distractions from her presentation.

First of all, the light shining on the left side of the screen kept flashing on and off. And this actually brought to our attention the fact that Miss Auguste has an earring way up to the top of her right earlobe.
Hmmmm. If you were doing just the entertainment report then perhaps we would have had nothing to say about the earring. But If you want to present serious news, then you have to look like a serious newscaster.
Are you going to put this performance on your show reel just in case you plan to apply for a job as a serious reporter elsewhere?
What do you think your potential interviewer would say about the earring?
Fashionable yes, but serious news look, no.