Monday, July 28, 2008


Here's one for Dr Keith Clifford of CNC 3's Early Morning Show.

"Dear Presenters/Producer and Director,

"Your show is times. This morning, at the end of the show, I was totally shocked to see on national TV, a person who claims to be cultured and professional display behaviour likened to that of a primary school girl. There was snickering and giggling heard live on National TV when the guest, Mr Wade Mark was speaking. Mr Clifford was that voice(sic) heard on air, snickering and giggling, like a little girl.

"If you guys at CNC want to bring your show up to standard of a "Julian Rogers" or a Larry King or Hanity and Colms - type professionalism and quality, then you need to eliminate, in whatever way necessary, such inane and totally unsatisfactory and unprofessional behavior from your show!

"Please do the needful, to ensure viewers like me and many others, keep viewing, to ensure your advertisers get more coverage, and potential advertisers, like me get interest and encouragement to make a decision to go with CNC instead of others.

Ryan Ramroop"

Well Ryan, if what you are saying about overhearing Dr Clifford is true, then he clearly did not learn anything from Rev. Jesse Jackson's embarrassing episode re: his live mic and the comments about Barack Obama.
Keith, rule of thumb: your mic is live until you are told it is off.