Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We agree with the kudos.
The set is bright and the lighting looks great. However the graphic on the screen behind Samantha is very bright and because it is moving, it seems to be competing with her for the viewers' attention, so it is very distracting. Imagine the viewer trying to pay attention to what she is saying, but their eyes and their minds keep going back to the screen behind her, questioning why it is so bright. Is there no way to tone down the brightness?
Also Samantha you should wear monochromatic jackets with that new set, just because the background is so busy. Your pink plaid jacket seemed as well to be vying for the viewers' attention.

We also notice that Samantha was standing in front of the large tv screen at the start of the newscast (that's done on the BBC now). But it seemed like she didn't know where to put the paper that she was holding in her hands.

Joel is also standing next to the desk for the sportscast, harking back to the days when Roger Sant and Carla Foderingham presented the news together.
Well Joel we have to say the standing up suits you better (pun intended). If you look back at the tape of the news you will notice that your man boobs are not showing at all through your jacket, as when you were sitting down.
However watch the spelling. In Vinood's story we saw someone is looking 'foward' and 'bachannal', the latter is spelt bacchanal (Dicentra Bachannal is the name of a flowering plant).

In terms of content, we were a bit surprised to see that Tribe band launch story so high up in the newscast. Is it that the producer and head of news decided to give the news a lighter, entertainment-type feel? Well if you will be touting yourselves as the station for Carnival next year, then it may be a good move to begin highlighting Carnival activities now (but still not so high up in the newscast). And also expect every other hole in the wall band in Trinidad and Tobago to demand the same treatment.

Just before the director cut to the Count Your Blessings segment, we heard some upbeat music from, was it Rihanna? Well isn't that really leading you down an entertainment path? We know the upbeat music is played on Robin and Company on CNN on mornings, but that's to wake people up at 6 & 7am and get them ready for the day.
So we are not sure what is the logic of playing that kind of music during what should be a serious night time, prime time newscast.
Maybe it's to prepare people for the clubs after they watch the news? But that's what the promo for the Friday night entertainment segment says.

Finally for the producer or head of news...we still can't understand what the young lady with the thick Spanish accent is saying in Latin America Today.
We don't know what else to say.