Sunday, July 20, 2008


Two things for two stations.

First off, TV6.
We saw your lead story on Sunday was that exclusive footage of the man who was shot at Tamarind Square. Kudos to your cameraman for getting the shot (no pun intended) of the victim being whisked off to the hospital in the back of a police van, and the cell phone video at the scene.
However, the news presenter Gerard Lampow told us the shooting occurred at 1pm, yet at 7pm there was no word on the identity of the victim.
Why? Didn't anyone from your newsroom go to the hospital and get information from relatives of the dead man or the police?

Well Denyse Renne of the Express, your sister paper, tells us that the man was identified as Claudel Lewis of Diego Martin.
Miss Renne also gives us conflicting information from your report. Mr Lampow told us the man was exiting a taxi at Tamarind Square, but Miss Renne says he "was standing in front William H Scott Ltd, on Independence Square, speaking with a friend when the gunman approached him and shot Lewis five times."
Then Mr Lampow told us the gentleman was shot three times in the back, but again Miss Renne's version differs, as she says "He received gunshot wounds to the chest, shoulder and leg."
So which report is correct?

Then the other thing that caught us was seeing Marcia Hope in the shot interviewing a gentleman on a faulty retaining wall, but hearing Patrice Manradge's voice on the packaged story. Hmmm.
Was something wrong with Marcia's voice at the last minute that she could not put her voice to her own story?

CNMG on the other hand had two interesting stories in their 7pm newscast.
The first was the story of the young Catholic priest from the Rio Claro parish who was ordained on Saturday and gave his first homily on Sunday. The story was voiced by Naette Lee (and there was a cameo appearance in the congregation by the station's Ag. Head of News Curtis Williams).
It was different and very interesting. Kudos probably to Mr Williams for suggesting that the story be done, because the lead-in dealt specifically with Pope Benedict's recent comments that fewer young men are entering the priesthood.

The second story that was really interesting was the one on the Old Time Moriah Wedding. Again, a story with a difference to break the monotony of crime and politics.
The story was voiced by Stacy Ann Providence (not sure if she wrote it), but the sound bites were waaaay too long.....especially the one from the father of the bride.
We really just needed a few seconds to hear the dialect and get a feel for the performance, but we got to the stage where we were wondering when it would end. That's what you don't want for your viewer or else they will switch you off.
Otherwise the camera work was good and the colours were very vibrant. A nice light story for a Sunday evening newscast, and an appropriate light response from news presenter Sandra Maharaj afterwards.