Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here's another comment about the interview.

"Oh, my apologies. Thanks to whoever sent the YouTube link. I quoted the Honourable Minister incorrectly. He didn't use the word 'authorise' What he really said was "You all did a feature before, I did not agree to that". No real difference except maybe the word 'authorise' was a bit lofty on my part. Just as bad though.
Worse yet is the fact that the Minister was actually interviewed as part of the series! I didn't see the body of work that was so roundly dismissed by the Minister but could it have been that bad? Can anyone who saw the series in its entirety comment on the presentation?

"That farce of an interview is even more disgraceful after a second viewing. I still can't believe TV6 allowed a Minister of this government to challenge their integrity about the presentation of correct information when there are numerous examples of this very government deliberately misleading the population. I hope the citizens of this country understand that just because a Minister says something, it doesn't make it right or true."