Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well the You Tube site has been racking up many comments, not too many positive for Sasha, but Sandra has some words of comfort.

"Now, now, now Sasha, do not let this business of journalism get to your head. Even those of us who are multi talented have specific strengths that make us look good at what we do; for Richard Charan, it is his ability to get the best story and present it well, for Robert Clarke, it is his great writing skill as is evident in his stories, for Charlene Stuart, it is her tremendous ability to unfold a story well, for Shelly Dass and Colleen Holder it is their natural ability to present news and keep an audience, for Marcia Braveboy it is a great voice that everyone talks about, for Sampson Nanton it is the opportunity to witness a great stand-up as always, and of course for Sasha Mohammed it is her ability to break stories, and have every other reporter following up...and I can go on and on, because there is a lot of talent out there in the industry...

"This is not to say that you attempt to throw yourself into any and anything unprepared Sasha, a blunder like that Jerry Narace interview could override your other abilities my dear, be careful.

"I take NN's point about Narace being rude and sullying the image of the station, but that was his game plan, to sit on the river stone and bad talk it and he got away with it, that's his gain and the reporter's loss...but wait, let me guess, Madam Sasha would have to come out looking good, it would make it to the classic Friday "Things that make you go huh" pieces.

"Well take some advice Sasha...let it blow over, it is not that you are incompetent, but your incompetence in handling a live piece is what will be mocked at in such an attempt.

"You are not yet ready to do live interviews Sasha, do it pre-recorded until you develop enough confidence to go live, take it in strides.
Are you your own boss Sasha?

"Just asking."