Tuesday, July 1, 2008


IETV and CNC 3, you should have both put up on the screen the words 'Amateur Video' in your evening newscasts for the hand-held shots at the beginning of your stories on the fire at the Courts Megastore.
Even if your cameramen shot those images, they looked amateur, so you could have still saved some face.

And thank goodness that Courts story from Marcia Hope at TV6 was shortened for the 7pm newscast. At midday it was loooong. Well at least it seemed shorter. Ans she used a strange word at midday which we did not hear in the subsequent newscast, leading us to believe the story was re-edited. Thank you.

TV6 decided to lead their newscast with the story of the little boy who has a problem with his heart. OK. But that idea bombed when Samantha John called for the story and it probably was not ready as she had to go to another story then go back to the story with the little boy. She looked like she didn't know what to do with herself.
Strangely enough it was voiced by the young lady who does the short entertainment report on Friday nights. Hmmmm. And is the child's father's name pronounced as 'Ra-hal' by Samantha (it's spelt just like the former Health Minister's name), or is it pronounced as 'Ra-heel' by the young lady who voiced the story?

And why was the video only on one side of the screen? It was very distracting. Also there should have been subtitles over the telephone interview with the child's father as it was extremely difficult to understand anything he was saying. On the other hand, we heard his wife very clearly.

Satesh Mahabir of CNC 3, you gave us a long story about the Caribbean Airlines milestone of the 'c-check', 'seat check', 'sea check'? We couldn't figure what you or the chief engineer were saying, and you did not give a complete explanation, so at the end of the story we were still a bit lost as to what the big deal was. We know it was an engineering issue, but for those who don't know anything about it, the explanation should have been more detailed.
Why didn't you have someone draw a graphic so we could have a visual, instead of all that talking with the engineer on camera. We didn't even see a shot of anyone actually checking the engine, but we saw shots of people standing in front of the plane, and the plane moving. Could have been better.

Charlene Ramdhanie continues to improve in her presentation of the C News. A far cry from when she just started.