Friday, July 18, 2008


Dalton Narine has an excellent piece in the Guardian recounting the relationship between the country's first Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams and legendary pan man Rudolph Charles.
But after the third picture, the story is printed again from the beginning, so you have to fight your way through it again to figure out where you were.

"When she lost those two sepia stones to the river, the Laventille hill began to break apart. Elders had relocated outside the area, moving into their own homes.
Boat migrants from lesser islands flooded the space. And, Dupre believes, US television programmes glorifying the culture of crime crippled the hill like a curse.
All of that took a toll on her, the hill.
And so, a nation watched as a virulent strain of violence coursed through her veins.
It had supplanted the blood of good men who shared a passion for leadership."