Thursday, July 3, 2008


This reader is not at all pleased with the Guardian.

"Ok guardian newspaper...your layout is getting too busy. I don't know what to look at. Your promotional campaign was pretty bad too. Why not spend a little money, and get good promotional value? What exactly is the 'I generation'? I hope your sister company cnc3 hires a better promotional company when they expand.
Speaking of which... Odeka may not be the best fit for Big Story...umm...even if u have notes which were prepared for you, why didn't you familiarise yourself before? u just looked lost with all the political, financial and economic lingo. Cnc, try sampson to fill in for shelly, or francesca, or even someone from guardian."
"Trini forever"

Well Trini, familiarising oneself and being comfortable with information are two different things. What her boss should have done was scrap the entire thing instead of putting it on and giving their viewers a half-picked duck for the sake of beating the competition.
It certainly did not have the desired effect.