Monday, July 7, 2008


Here are comments for Leeron Brummel and Desha Rambhajan.

"Leeron Brummel over at TV6, another young reporter in the making, you gave an update in your mid-day update on the media Conference of nominated COP Stephen Williams and your every other word was interjected with uh's and um's - oh gosh man!
Leeron please listen to the recording of your update so you will see how annoying and distracting and hard-to-listen-to that is.

"And Desha Rambhajan over at CNMG - I don't know what it is, but you are very hard to look at and listen to, maybe your approach to your work is too casual. You are overly confident and Desha that is a bad thing that leads to over-performance/under-performance.

"Leeron Brummel you're doing ok, but you're another one that is trying too hard to exude too much confidence, I know you see many business executives express the um's and uh's, but my friend there is nothing mature about that, and everything incompetent about it."