Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here's a comment on TV6's new set, from PW.

"TV6 is sporting a new presentation background, way to go Dominic Kallipersad, it looks great, certainly better than that boring past time background. Thanks for relieving my eyes TV6.

"I do hope the nation was not subjected to this lack of creativity because of the lack of competition and the emergence of stiff competition from rival CNC3 which will be re-launching later this year. Is it next month or September Rosemarie?

"And to the engineers in the TV6 Studio, please stop toying with the equipment, decide if you want to make the shot with Samantha close up or not, the live set is not for practice.

"Joel Villafana there are complaints that you read the Sports cast too fast. Culturally that is acceptable in the US because they generally speak fast and that is a far more vibrant culture.

"While we have some people among us that speak very fast, culturally we do not, so slow it down a bit Joel, for your audience and for your sake. You do fumble a lot reading like that.
And Joel, enough of the head bobbing nah, you done with radio...
Stupes! It is distracting.

"Now that you have refreshed the look of the set Dominic, you need to up the aggression with your news gathering...form alone won't cut it.

"Kudos anyway."