Friday, July 18, 2008


Here's a comment from a concerned reporter, we think.

"Well!! Well, when will media houses begin paying their employees..So reporters like Melissa Williams of IE TV will not have to engage in moon lighting, so she is now reporting for GIS. Isn't that double standards she seems to be confused, is she into PR or does she want to be taken seriously.

"Melissa....maybe you and Nalini Seelal should recognise that reporters should present the facts and not engage in lobbying as openly as you did for the (Commissioner of Police) candidate.
Ms. Williams i suggest you re-evaluate yourself and figure out what you want to do in terms of your job.

"And by the way i see Charlene Stewart has emerged again... Since the Tv 6 chaos glad to see you holding down another 9 to 5.
Kudos to Bobbi though on your arrival to greener pastures, Tv 6 understimated your talents...Well their loss.

"P.S Employers pay your staff!!!"