Friday, May 23, 2008


This reader, PH is not too convinced that there was unbiased reporting on this issue.

"Sasha Mohammed over at TV6 before Prime Minister Patrick Manning announced that there will be a Commission of Inquiry into UDeCOTT your package on that story for the 7PM newscast featured Opposition Chief Whip Lawrence Maharaj with four lengthy enough sound bites from him, one from Works Minister Colm Imbert and a five second sound bite from the Prime Minister, to which there was a total disconnect to the rest of the story. You just threw him in there Sasha, just to say you used a sound bite from the Prime Minister. Why? Well that sound bite lost your listeners, because it just did not connect, because of how you used it.

"The rest of that four minutes story was your loaded explanations and history of alleged wrong doings of UDeCOTT as pointed out by the Opposition.
So Sasha who are you working for? TV6 or the UNC Opposition? Stupes!
Dominic Kallipersad you need to reign in on Sasha's biased reporting and the many glittering generalities she consumes her reports with.

"Well CNC3 you broke a record, while you were first to break the news of the Prime Minister's announcement of the Commission of Inquiry, you gave us at least four minutes of his explanation for the Inquiry in your 9:30PM Newscast after Roger read a very short lead to the story, oops, that should be the Patrick Manning classic stand-up. Your audience was subjected to that very lengthy sound bite in your 8PM newscast as well.
"So no one saw it fit to package that story for the late night news? What happen Rosemarie Sant had the night off? Or is it that the UNC opposition has a mole in TV6 and Patrick Manning has a mole in CNC3? Stupes!

"This situation involving the glaring approach being taken by certain reporters to dance to the tune of some politicians is a lame duck, and it should be shot.