Thursday, May 22, 2008


Adding to the comments on Miss Dass.

"I like that poster "trini forever" - he/she had good wrap in just a few lines on how Shelly Dass over at CNC3 handled her Big Story with Sports Minister Gary Hunt and TTFF President Austin Jack Warner on Wednesday night. Quite a funny, hilarious and cute analysis.

"And yes Shelly why did you not see it fit to ask Roger Sant to Co host that session of the Big Story with you? ..all of you have lost track and no longer know how to utilize your resources appropriately. tut, tut.

"And Rosemarie when you started your Station you advertised programmes like Entertainment, Fashion, Culture, and proper coverage of the Caribbean; well madam Head of News now that you got your National License I hope you see it fit to fulfill those expectations you gave your audience."