Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here's a comment about Shelly's refereeing skills.

"Oh oh, Well Joel your interview with Sports Minister Gary Hunt was not so exclusive as I thought, so kudos for having interview him live in your newscast on Wednesday night.
"Now over to CNC3 where TTFF President Jack Warner and Minister Hunt are tugging it off on the Big Story with Shelly Dass in the middle, clad in what appears to be a black and white garb.
"Well Shelly it looks like you made a conscious effort to play referee between these two men, nice, very nice. And you did well with your referring, trying to help the men resolve their issues on your show and all.
"And Shelly when Mr. Warner said "Mr. Hunt came into office to crush sports" even you would have given anything to see your face in the moment, it looked like you felt crushed by those words. Good to know you have feelings Shelly, good to know."

Tell us what you thought of the interview. Was the score settled? How did shelly do?