Thursday, May 22, 2008


The Express has the story on the murder of the young woman in Laventille in their Thursday edition written by Gyasi Gonzales.
But there are a few discrepancies.
On the front page of the newspaper and on the headline on the actual story, Marion Tudor's age is given as 18, but in the actual story (paragraph 2) Mr Gonzales writes that she was 19.

Then he wrote "Standing near to her was a young man,...", and then "The intended up and ran, leaving one of his shoes behind...".
So was the 'intended victim' sitting down or standing up when the gunman approached them?

But then the Guardian's Camille Clarke in her story makes no mention of another 'intended victim'.
"Police said Tudor had been on a step liming around 12.30 pm when a man walked up to her and had a short discussion.
The man opened fire on Tudor who ran a short distance, then collapsed in a pool of blood."

And while the Newsday writes that the murder figure for the year stands at 181, Gyasi Gonzales of the Express tells us that the figure is 187.

So, who has the correct version? Maybe we need to start calling the police stations ourselves to get the correct version for our readers.