Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here are some comments for Joel Villafana of TV6 following his live interview with Sports Minister Gary Hunt.

"You know Joel Villafana over at TV6 I would really like to commend you for having interview the elusive Minister of Sports Mr. Gary Hunt live in Studio this evening (May 21, Wed), but his approach to the media has been too dismissive, not to mention abrasive to some degree in some respects - so instead I would have to ask Joel what was the compromise? A softball interview as was obvious.

"And at the end of the interview Joel you noted that you've been speaking to the Minister on the impact of the situation regarding the Sport Ministry and the TTFF, this Football dilemma could mean a serious blow to sport tourism in Trinidad and Tobago and have a severe impact on business Tourism as well Joel.
So you sugar coated your way into what supposedly is a first with the mighty and elusive Gary Hunt; very good Joel.

"Now can you tell us when we are going to get that hardball interview with the illustrious Minister? After all both Mr. Hunt and the TTFF Executive Director Jack Warner have a duty to protect the image of this country and act more responsible.
And Joel when you get your interview with Mr. Warner which is fair game, do ask him why this matter could not have been resolved quietly.

Well PH and Joel, Hema Ramkissoon of CNC 3 spoke with Mr Warner live via telephone during the midday news Wednesday and Shelly Dass is expected to have both Mr Hunt and Mr Warner live on the set for The Big Story tonight.