Monday, December 31, 2007


Sophia Khan Daniel at C News, you look like you got to work a bit late today because for the 6:30 headlines you were not wearing any makeup. Like we said before, even if you have to throw on some foundation and lipstick in the car while you are stuck in traffic, it's not acceptable to show up in front of your audience with an unmade up face and what looks like bed hair.

Then we did not see the video for the soundbites for the murder.
Unfortunately no one told Sophia she was still up on the screen while the soundbites were running so we saw her fixing her hair. Don't worry that's not your fault, blame the director.
Then someone standing over her mentioned that she was still on the screen and it looked like she uttered a silent expletive, and sat very still.
Keep it professional. You never want to offend your audience.
And later we did not see any video for the soundbites for the villagers with the poor drainage, and the NUGFW/THA story.
Let's hope the problems are sorted out for the 7am newscast.
PS: Justin stick to dj'ing and hosting. DON'T READ THE NEWS!