Sunday, December 30, 2007


Vashtee Achibar you look really uncomfortable reading the 6:30pm news. Very stiff, dead pan, concentrating too hard on reading the teleprompter rather than sharing the news with your audience.
And when there was a problem with the teleprompter, you had to scramble to find your place in the scripts. You were only too happy to call for the break, not even pausing after a story.

Melissa Williams the lead in to the first murder story was repeated almost word for word in the first paragraph of your package.
Then the "Fire Tree" story was very confusing. The fire officers don't know what caused the tree to "spit fire", but the male and female residents you spoke with kept pointing to the fact that residents have complained about the electricity transformer which is right next to the tree.

Robin Morais good that you got the interview with the game warden who captured the men poaching the Scarlet Ibis. But in your lead in to each soundbite, you repeated everything that Mr Ramdeem (sic) said in the actual soundbite.

Nadine Hackett you continue to increase the pitch in your voice when you come to the end of your sentences and when you tag out your stories. WHY??? (Imagine every song you know sung by an alto, and the very last word of each line sung by a very high soprano).