Friday, October 31, 2008


This reader wants the media to answer a question that we have been asking for a very long time.

"Who is really informing the media when it comes to crime information? It is amazing how stories are frequently incorrect, inconsistent and often grow extra arms and legs. One particular incident, to which I was almost a witness (I passed by seconds before and seconds after) occurred last Sunday afternoon. It was the 'accidental' murder of 14 year old Kimberley Monderoy from Four Roads, Diego Martin. Not only did her age change from 15, to 14, to 13, but the circumstances surrounding the event as reported in all the press is inaccurate.

"Today's (29 October) Newsday editorial is particularly erroneous, as the only fact they got right was that the fatal bullet was not meant for her. Every other detail about the incident was untrue. For the 99% of the population who are looking for accurate details of an event, all the major dailies failed miserably in the reporting of this particular incident. Unfortunately, I was close enough to know that. But what about everyone else?

"I sincerely hope (though I doubt) the new MATT executive will conscientiously address reporting standards in the media. It's no longer good enough to give the excuse that the reporters are green, or the management prevents accurate reporting.
It's time for media houses to take ownership of their product instead of constantly defending themselves, with the attitude that whenever criticised, somehow it's because freedom of the press is under threat. Get off it!

"I also doubt there will be any debate within MATT about the Broadcast Policy, even though it is a step in the right direction. But like every other institution and industry in Trinidad and Tobago, the media could do what they want too."


Well we certainly hope the new MATT executive looks at this issue. But like a certain state institution, they seem to be a toothless bulldog, not able to make any inroads in the media industry.