Sunday, May 3, 2009


The Express newspaper has been ordered to pay damages to Dr Krishna Persad in a successful defamation action he filed against the newspaper.
As part of her judgement, Justice Carol Gobin ruled that:

"“With the recognition of the importance of the court reporters in our system comes a corresponding obligation of responsible journalism which in the sphere of court reporting means a duty to get it right,” Gobin ruled.

"“This was not a case where it is suggested that there was a mistake on the part of the reporter about the outcome of the matter which was the result of his own misunderstanding of legal technicalities. It was a case where the reporter chose to rely on a confidential source who plainly got it wrong.”

"“Once it became clear that he had been misinformed, I consider that there was an obligation not only to the claimant but to the public as well to correct the report. “I have also taken into account the defendant’s conduct in their flagrant disregard for the procedures and findings of the Media Complaints Authority,” the judge said."