Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's interesting that we have to ad-dress this issue again with the same presenter, but here goes.

On the morning of Friday May 1st around 10 o'clock, we noticed on CNMG that there was a recorded programme. It looked like a press conference in some foreign location, based on the nature of the questions asked and the responses.
One of the persons asking questions was Nicola Barriteau of C News. Nicola you will have to forgive us because we did not hear a thing you said as we were too distracted by your outfit. You remember don't you? A purple sleeveless top and orange jewellery. The top was cut so low in front that we are sure the people at the head table also had no clue what you were asking.

Now you could easily say that you went to a party and a press conference was arranged in the midst of it and you couldn't pass up an opportunity to ask questions. Maybe so, but when you are inappropriately dressed for an assignment, the best thing to do is give someone your list of questions and ask them to ask the questions for you. Your cameraman would have still got the responses, without subjecting the viewing audience to your ample, almost bare chest.

But if you say you went to the assignment knowing full well that you were going to be identifying yourself as working for CNMG, then we have to take issue with that. There is a correct way to dress for assignments, and you were dressed incorrectly. Period. Yes it may have been an entertainment piece, but you have to remember that you have an audience. Old people. Little children. Middle aged men and women. Not everyone would take kindly to seeing you so exposed.

Another thing, we understand that the assignment may have been a one-camera shoot, so your cameraman had to pan the camera back and forth between you and the head table. We have no problem with that at the recording stage, but we find it difficult to believe that you arrived at the station with that tape just minutes before it went to air, so there was no way an editor could have put some cutaways over those bits. You probably had many dizzy viewers after about five minutes.
Why didn't you get an editor to cover those panned parts?

And later at 10.30, we saw you most appropriately dressed for the live hosting of the opening of the interchange. What a difference. You probably knew about that assignment weeks in advance?

And by the way Roger Dwarika of C News, the interchange is not in Port of Spain.
And did you stick your hand in a socket before you went to that assignment? Your hair stood on sculpted end for the entire thing. Remind yourself everyday before you apply a ton of hair gel and before you leave home that you do not work for MTV or Synergy.