Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Nicola Barriteau of C News is an attractive woman and certainly well-endowed, so it baffles us why she often wears tops which are way too tight for her on the Live! show, and to read the midday newscast.
Take for example today's episode where she's wearing a bright yellow shirt, and just spoke with the two guests about the bridal expo.
On Samantha John the shirt would have been perfect, but unfortunately for Nicola it's just too tight and some of the buttons look like they are about to pop.
At one point it seemed as if the cameraman was trying to give us an extreme close up shot in order to block out the distracting buttons, but that didn't last very long.
So Nicola, forewarned is forearmed. There are lots of nice shirts and jackets on the market that would suit your body type and still make you look good. Since you are your own producer you can approach your bosses to foot the bill for some stylish threads.
(And you can also save yourself some pending embarrassment just in case one of those buttons decides to pop while you are Live! on the air.)
You're welcome.