Sunday, November 2, 2008


"And oh KC, both Obama and Hillary were historic candidates, the world would have gotten an orgasm for either, they are not just Obama-maniacs because he's black, it is primarily the historic factor that excites everyone, and the same energies would have been there for Hillary as she too was historic.

"Even Obama's 12 year old daughter could have reasoned that. Did you not see Michelle Obama relaying that information to the media when Obama won the nomination? Michelle said she asked their older daughter what she thought about her daddy winning the nomination: "well, there would have been the same excitement for Hillary because it's the first time a woman would have been running for President" said 12 year old Malia Obama...tut tut KC, that you can't reason like that.

"See the damage emotions can do? A child could make waves around us in that state."