Tuesday, November 11, 2008

THE PM & POWER 102 (8)

Well this is what sparked the latest salvo from the Media Association.
Louis Lee Sing of I95 saying in a press conference that the TTPBA needs to urgently address deteriorating standards in the media.
"“The grim reality is that officials, both in the private and public sectors, are afraid to speak to the media—out of a single fear there will be no balance, no objectivity—no fairness,” Lee Sing added."
By the way he is the boss of the new MATT President Marlan Hopkinson, Secretary Sterling Henderson, Treasurer Marcia Braveboy and 'radio personality' John Benoit, as well as former MATT President Dale Enoch.
Maybe we should have made that call ourselves to the TTPBA and bypassed the reporters!

Here's what Ken Gordon had to say on the matter during his visit to CNC 3's The Big Story on Monday evening.
"Gordon, a former chairman of Caribbean Communications Network said, “Anybody who purports to be a broadcaster should be expected to conform to certain standards. If they do not conform to those standards, they should be made to understand that there are going to be consequences.”"