Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here's a response for Trini.

""Trini", I credited TV6's Sasha Mohammed for breaking the story, not for sensationalizing it. After all that is the norm with Sasha more so to write stories against the PNM and the PNM Government.

"Cellphone and Email tapping is practiced worldwide by Governments, and someone could know if their phone is being tapped. It does not happen without disruptions, granted all sorts of things could cause disruptions, but suspicion arises when there is a consistency with a particular kind of disruption. I believe the story is true.

"That being said, who are we to tire ourselves with Sasha's obvious biased reporting if the TV6 management refuses to control her content? Certainly not me, I done with that. I maintain the series is a good one.

"On the issue of Odeka and Hema over at CNC3, it is true that that station has a cultural belief of what is a good image for TV. It is as obvious as Sasha's anti PNM stance. But like everything else, societal pressure would force them to present a different picture. Had it not been for that, only the Shelly Dass types would stand a chance.

"The media saga continues.

"Oh by the way, I can't wait to see what position awaits Madam Mohammed when the UNC forms the Government someday."