Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here's a response to PH's comment on the McCain/Obama debate.

"I don't usually respond to what I see on this blog and while I agree to an extent with what PH has to say, after all a latest poll shows that 234 newspapers in the US have endorsed Obama, McCain trailing way behind with only 105 newspaper endorsements, the fact of the matter is that Barack Obama is making history, when last did an African American come this close to securing the highest office in the world?

"I find it silly that according to PH people should come better than use the "because he's black" argument. Were past democratic presidential hopefuls, John Kerry and Al Gore African American? Not to my recollection, unless I'm colour blind.
And Jessie Jackson in his bid for the white house in the 80's did not come as close as Barack Obama has.

"Obama is the centre of attention at the moment, the world is intrigued by him and it is true that the media in all its forms can be a representation of what the average man out there is thinking. And the truth is that people in countries as far as Dubai, Iran, Germany, Liberia and other parts of the world want to know more about him. And can you fault them? How many of us thought that he stood a real chance of becoming the democratic presidential candidate? Hillary Clinton may have well thought she had it in the bag until the results of the primaries showed her wrong. Obama is obviously someone who is breaking the barriers. And after eight years of George W Bush, it's no wonder why Obama and his message of change seems so popular.

"If other journalists were to read foreign newspapers to get an idea of what foreigners are thinking, it is clear that people think an Obama presidency can improve the US image abroad. I can imagine how intrigued US lawmakers and even editors in the media abroad are that a young African American with the name 'Obama' is challenging a 70 + year-old war veteran for the post of president!

"So while the media can be biased, and has been biased to an extent when covering this election, I believe that to condemn the media as favouring Obama would be a wrong assumption. Media coverage of Obama hasn't always been good. Comments made by Joe Biden and Michelle Obama in the past have been exploited by the McCain camp and have made their rounds in the media. Popular Republican notions about Obama, such as he's inexperienced, he lacks guidance, he fraternises with terror groups, he's Muslim, have been touted throughout various media.

"By the way, media coverage, however great it seems does not mean that Obama is a clear winner and he may well succumb to what is known as the 'Bradley effect'. And the McCain camp has also enjoyed a lot of media coverage especially since McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate. In fact Palin is so popular in the news because it just so happens that she is making history herself - if McCain is victorious, that will mean that Palin would be the first woman to sit as vice-president of the USA.

"In any case,think about it this way PH, if Obama loses, then McCain will receive all the media coverage, after all he would be the new president!"