Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here's a response on the "Spy Games" series and the Guardian ad.

"Lol! Photoshop is funny (and scary)! I saw the shot of Hema Ramkissoon from CNC3 as well. She almost looks as tiny as Charlene Ramdhanie with all that photo editing! Look, both Hema Ramkissoon and Odeka Seaton are large women. There is nothing wrong with that. Why do they feel compelled to edit their pictures, when we can turn on the tv and see that they don't look like that? What kind of message are we sending? That Hema and Odeka are not comfortable with themselves? That tv is only for the perfect barbie doll types? No no nooo. Was Roger Sant's photo edited? Or Eric Mackie's? Or Keith Clifford's? What messages are we sending? That large women are ugly? That everyone should try to look like someone else?

"I really woke up to the reality of CNC3 when they went national. That morning, we saw full body shots of all the presenters as they sat on stools. Shelly Dass and Roger Sant are tiny, petite, little things, a bit on the pale side. Odeka and Hema are much larger...(again nothing wrong with that) but WHY is it, that they all appear to be the SAME height, and even the same COLOUR on tv? Are we making carbon copies of what we think a presenter should look like?

"On another note though, I have to say I disagree with PH and that Sasha Mohammed series. The piece is sensationalistic. It lacks substance, is based on someone's paranoid tendencies. I am still waiting on the reporter to present hard evidence that this is going on. The possibility of cell phone tapping is not new. What is new, is CCN's apparent lack of control over someone whose credibility has been compromised and political bias has become blatant."


The photo editing for the CNC ad may have been a product of the station's marketing department, and probably had no input from the two ladies (correct us if we are wrong). (There was recent debate on whether singer Jennifer Hudson's image was photoshopped for her new album cover).
Image is important especially when you are in the spotlight. As you say, they are both attractive women and should celebrate their physiques.