Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Pronunciation is a hell of a thing.
Melissa Williams of CNC 3 wants us to believe that the police do not have any 'cong-crete motive' for the murder of the gentleman who was shot to death on Tuesday morning while sitting in his car along Duncan Street in Port of Spain.

And can you say photoshop? That's what we see every time we look at that ad CNC 3 is running in the Guardian with its news anchors - Shelly Dass, Roger Sant, Eric Mackie and Odeka O'Neil-Seaton. The Odeka we saw on the 7pm news on Tuesday looks nothing like the Odeka in those newspaper photos (Tuesday Guardian pages A20 & B48). Those photos were probably taken a few years ago and dusted off for this new ad campaign.

Editor's note: We took it for granted that you would understand that we like the Odeka we see on tv just fine (a little wardrobe tweaking would be appreciated though). But no need to change the body image.