Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Richard Charan's story of the policewoman who was killed by her estranged husband has a somewhat misleading headline in the Wednesday edition.
The story, titled "Killed in her sleep" is not quite accurate.

Mr Charan tells us "She was big and brave - a police officer trained to win a fight - so her attacker waited until she fell asleep before hacking her to death.
The body of PC Nisha Dhanessar was found in the kitchen of her home at Main Road, Tabaquite, at breakfast time yesterday."
Now if you decide not to read the rest of the story, you are left with the impression that Mrs Dhanessar fell asleep on the kitchen floor and was then chopped to death.
But close to the end of the story he tells us "Dhanessar fought for life, police believe, because she was a buxom woman twice the size of the suspect.
There was a bloody trail that began on the living room couch, where she is believed to have fallen asleep, that led into the bedroom and to the kitchen."
So in truth and in fact she was not chopped to death in her sleep because she woke up during the attack.
If she had not woken up, then we could have safely said that she was killed in her sleep, hence there would have been no fight for her life and no trail of blood from the couch to the kitchen.

BTW, I95's Dale Enoch told us during their midday newscast on Monday that Mrs Dhanessar's husband (name called) had been in an altercation with her and was being sought in connection with the murder of his wife. This was unlike the other media houses which later in the day reported that a 'relative' was being sought in connection with the murder.
Now suppose Mr Dhanessar had not taken his own life and was proven to have had nothing to do with the murder?

And there were conflicting reports on who actually found her body. At 7pm, TV6 told us her son found her body, but Mark Bassant in his report for C News told us a neighbour found the body, even though the scrolling news line running across the bottom of the screen was telling us that her body was found by her 7 year old son (the ticker was removed for the 9pm newscast).

And on the story with the young man who shot policeman Edward Alleyne, Charlene Ramdhanie of C News gave us his name, told us he was 17 years old, and we saw video of him being led into a prison van and sitting in a police car. But TV6 told us the young man was 16 years old, they did not give his name, nor did they show any video of him.
So how old is he really? In his story for the Tuesday Express, Gyasi Gonzales told us "the boy was born in May 1991, lives with his mother and had no previous or pending court matters." So that means he's 17, right?
Meanwhile the scrolling news line at the bottom of the screen on C News told us a "17 year old appears in court for the attempted murder of police sargent Edward Alleyne".

Still on Monday's news, TV6's sports reporter James Saunders told us former Joe Public coach Keith Griffith resigned from the club, yet the graphic across the screen told us the team's management had sacked him and two players.