Tuesday, November 11, 2008

THE PM & POWER 102 (7)

The Media Association has sent yet another response to the PM's tete-a-tete at the radio station.

"The Media Association appreciates and encourages the expression of divergent views as we believe it substantiates our position that freedom of expression remains a right that all should cherish.

"The first utterances of the new administration emphasized its commitment to above all else focus on training and improvement of our membership and the industry.

"Recent events have sparked much debate on the issue and we agree with those who would like to see better standards in the industry. However, we maintain our position as expressed in releases as it relates to the action of the Prime Minister at the offices of 94.1 F.M.

"In some regards we are heartened by the Prime Minister’s position that in the future he would seek redress in the courts if he believes he has legal grounds to do so. The association does not agree with the view expressed that the association has been fighting with the Prime Minister. We do not believe that expressing a different opinion constitutes a fight.

"We encourage our members to strive for excellence in their work and intend to aid in this regard as best we could (sic)."

"Executive, M.A.T.T."