Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here's the first comment on the local coverage of the US election, from Dandai Ramdass.

"Hey Martine,
I must firstly give thumbs up to Gayelle and TV6 for their extensive coverage of the U.S. elections 2008. Gayelle however outlasted the latter carrying on with in - studio coverage till after twelve am the next morning. (sic)
Their panel also included former CNC3 morning show host, Josanne Lennard (who also served at Gayelle as a news anchor in the past) and Errol Fabien, formerly of Gayelle's morning programme.

"TV6 had been following the elections since six am on the Morning Edition (sic) with Andy Johnson and also carried another programme at half past eight till ten hosted again by Andy. Joining him on set was Dr. Morgan Job, Indira Rampersad I believe and another (panellist), I can't really remember his name.

"Gayelle also started off the day with the Big Story, something which Shelly Dass failed to address last evening on her programme. Whatever is going on with CNC3, who failed to start off the day on the biggest story of the week and yet they did not even catch up on Jeremy Matouk's programme this evening. Not because they have a national license now means they have to just handle national issues.

"Once again TV6 proved to be the best. C as well followed in the footsteps of CNC3, shame on them as well. TV6 and Gayelle, keep up the good work.
Oh and by the way, has anyone noticed that Odeka O'Neil no longer carries the name Seaton?
Also TV6 could you please revisit the idea of Co - anchoring? Maybe we could see Samantha and Rochelle or even Dominic reading together. After all just look at the size of that new desk."

Well Dr Morgan Job was truly animated in his speech and posture, so much so that we were led to believe that he arrived at the pub much earlier than the show's start time (9pm and not 8pm as heavily advertised).
Did you hear his description of Governor Sarah Palin, which included the words "vapid" and "vacuous"?
And can Dominic Kallipersad tell us whose idea it was to host the programme at Trotter's Pub? None of the US networks or even the BBC did that. They had interviews spicing up their programmes from all over the world, but none of the shows were actually hosted in a glorified rum shop.
But then again, maybe the thinking was that Trinis like to lime and the best place to get the real 'ole talk on the election was at a pub? Smokey's and Bunty's probably had a more animated crowd.

Dandai we also will take issue with Miss Johnson co-anchoring the TV6 news. We recently heard her voice on an ad which was run on TV6, and it's not common practice for news presenters to voice ads, for obvious reasons. Then again, Miss John is in a similar position and that has not prevented her from presenting the news.
Dominic Kallipersad made lots of mistakes in presenting the 7pm news last Thursday, so maybe he needs some brushing up, and a shot of something to liven him up a bit (maybe whatever Dr Job had).

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