Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well yes! What do the old folks say? "What 'ent meet yuh 'ent pass yuh"?
After all that gun talk last week from the PM we see that he (or at least his Information Minister) is willing to put his money where his mouth is, with consideration for setting up a "Media Committee".
Minister Neil Parsanlal told the Senate "“This Government is not anti-media, nor does it expect a pro-Government stance from any media house... we require no favours. What the Government desires is the time-honoured journalistic practice of accuracy in reporting and balance in coverage by the media.”"

Gail Alexander wrote that the minister said "Since self regulation has not worked and media houses are adamant against imposed regulations, Parsanlal said that in recognising the issue of “who will guard the guards”, Government had asked the former CCN chairman (Ken) Gordon to chair the proposed team comprising media owners and workers."

TV6's Sasha Mohammed clarified the story by telling her viewers that Mr Gordon indicated he had been approached by the government to chair the committee, but that he had not yet agreed to anything and was awaiting the terms of reference.
Interesting that though Miss Mohammed and Anna Ramdass both work for the CCN group, only Miss Mohammed was able to get a response on this matter from Mr Gordon, while Miss Ramdass told her readers in the Express that "Efforts to contact Gordon for comment last night were unsuccessful." So there's no room for collaboration within the same organization? Hmmmm.

Well the media landscape is certainly heating up. Exciting times are ahead. But maybe media practitioners need to get out their marching boots, just as they did a few years ago when another administration was perceived to be trying to put the brakes on media freedom.