Thursday, November 6, 2008

THE PM & POWER 102 (2)

Here's a response to the MATT press release on the PM's 'visit' to Power 102 and 94.1FM.

"Question: apart from that rather conservative press release, is MATT or anyone else doing anything about this Manning/radio station incident? We are walking a dangerous line when politicians can block off a street, and demand apologies.

"I also caught that Jerry Narace interview with Shelly Dass. I thought it was rather entertaining compared to the last one. He was clearly trying to be subdued, speaking softly and smiling at Dass, but she provoked him, telling him "please don't read from that've said all that before". He looked like he was ready to bite her head off, but she moved on. Then he started criticising the media, and she said "minister, you might want to drop that..not tonight" or something like that. It went on and on..I swear local tv is becoming more entertaining!

"Speaking of which...where is Paolo Kernahan's Skews show??? Come on've got gold there! There's only so much "mainstream" media we can take!"


Well Trini, several journalists tried to grill the PM on the Power 102 issue at today's post-cabinet press briefing, but he (as usual) coolly side-stepped them, saying he had a right to protect his name, or something to that effect.
Mr Manning told them he did not ask the station's management to suspend anyone, as he told them what they did there was their business.
Interestingly he asked if any citizen of this country had the right to visit a radio station, and when he was told yes, he said that right extended to him as well.