Thursday, November 6, 2008

THE PM & POWER 102 (3)

And here's another comment.

"I heard Prime Minister Patrick Manning tell journalists at Thursday's post cabinet briefing that he is entitled to the same right as any other citizen to walk into 94.1FM to express upset over something aired on that station that was displeasing to him.

"Well Miss Paige De Leon, please tell Patrick he is a public official and is not entitled to conduct himself in the same manner as any other citizen, otherwise ah want a ride on de private jet and he must pick me up in the State's car when he see me on the street.

"Now if he is a regular citizen that is entitled to the same rights, he shouldn't mind being called Patrick in this capacity. In any case, I think the present laws do allow the same rights to politicians and the public, so maybe you were legally right Mr. Manning but you were morally wrong.

"If we so want to be like America, we should then follow them and change the laws to not allow citizens in Patrick's position the same amount of freedom or rights as citizens. What say you Mr. Manning?

"Watch out T&T the Broadcast Code is coming and this country will be just like Guyana when it arrives."