Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well Jade, we picked up a hard copy of the Guardian today to see for ourselves what the fuss with the Press Watch ad was all about. Interesting name eh?

As we said before, we like the colour of the front page. It's very bright, and an improvement on what we remember as the dull grey of the old paper. And like someone else said, it looks very British and international. We are guessing that's the look they were going for.

A few other things stood out immediately.
On page A3 there's an interesting story about a young man who appeared in court charged with turning off a computer in the Register General Department.
And would you believe directly below that story is a section called Getting It Right, which says "It is the Guardian's policy to correct significant errors as soon as possible."
Directly below.
You might say that was not a significant error since the writer of the story really just meant to say Registrar General's Department, but here are a few more things we picked up and which are really tempting us to write to the editor at the email address they have provided.

On page A5 there's a photo of a man identified as Anthony Alto, who died at the San Fernando General hospital. Yet throughout the story written by Radhica Sookraj, the deceased is referred to as Anthony Atlo (13 times).

The print in the business Guardian is pretty small. And when there's too much of it in one story, the print gets even smaller. Not good. And we are not partial to the pink paper. Never were.

Then on page B34 there's a story on sleep titled 'How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?'. We thought it looked familiar, but there was no byline in the Guardian so we searched the net and found it - the same story we read last week at
The story was written by Laura Blue.
The story on page C16 on hearing loss also looked familiar. Ah yes. We read it on the BBC website on Monday. They copied down to the picture of the ear.
Come on editor, where is the attribution? Why can't you stick in somewhere in the story where it was copied wholesale from?
This is not the first time you've done this and it's not a habit you should be happily repeating. What about copyright issues?

And we noticed there are lots of ads. We did not check how many of the companies placing ads were Ansa McAl companies, but the marketing department clearly tried to pull out all the stops for the relaunch.
Let's see if they can maintain this.