Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here's one for CNC3 & C News.

"I listened in horror to a promo on CNC3 about a CNN programme hosted by Fareed Zarakia. The announcer pronounced the man's name Zah-kah-REE-ah, when it should be Zah-KAH-ree-ah. I shudder to think that the announcer is a member of the news team. Hasn't she ever seen the programme? Does she know who the man is? Has she ever read Time magazine?
Steupsss....if you think his show is important enough to be imported onto your station, at least pronounce de man name right nah CNC3!...steupsss.

"I have a long list of woes following C's broadcast of the Groovy & Soca Monarch show last night/this morning. Apparently the show organisers and C weren't on the same page. Everything from the camera work to the couches the celebrity panel sat on were horrible. I plan to itemize every detail and post on your blog and elsewhere. Steupsss x2..."