Sunday, February 22, 2009


All the Sunday dailies carry the story of the three men who died in the crash along the Eastern Main Road in Wallerfield. The Newsday's Ralph Banwarie tells us: "Dead are Kareem Romain, 26, of Bel Bird Avenue, Arima, Cliff Croffon, 24, of Bois Bande North Eastern Settlement, Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande and 28-year-old Randell Boyce."

The Guardian's Peter Balroop tells us: "Dead are Chris Dauphin, 24, and Randell Boyce, 28, both of Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande, as well as Kareen Romain, 36, of Bell Bird Avenue, Malabar, Arima."

While Driselle Ramjohn of the Express tells us: "Police reports state that around 5.30 a.m., driver Cliff Dauphin along with Kareem Romain and Randall Boyce were heading west along the Eastern Main Road when Dauphin lost control of his Nissan Frontier and crashed into a tree.
Dauphin, 54, of Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande; Romain, 26, of Malabar and Boyce, 28, also of Ojoe Road, died on the scene."

Well according to the three reports, a total of seven persons died: Randell Boyce, Randall Boyce, 26 year old Kareem Romain, 36 year old Kareen Romain, Cliff Dauphin, Chris Dauphin and Cliff Croffon, while two persons were driving the death van at the time of the accident: Chris Dauphin and Cliff Croffon. Well no wonder there was an accident!
It's strange that all the stories quote from police reports, and they all say that Sgt. Robain is continuing investigations, yet the information on the victims differs so radically. Did all the reporters speak with Sgt. Robain? Steups!

More reason why town say you shouldn't believe everything you read in the newspapers.