Thursday, February 12, 2009


This reader has some comments on football and chutney, a potent mix.

"Can someone tell me what this Ray Davis character is doing masquerading as a sports reporter on 102FM? During a five minute sports report you get as much as one minute of actual news. The rest is irrelevant, illiterate fluff and padding. Looks like he feels he is clever. Come on Ray, give us the score. We don't want to know about who win Panorama. Somebody needs to give him lessons about writing news too. Ignorance is real bliss yes.

"The other one is the girl from C who hosted the Chutney Soca show. Not Nicola Barriteau (nice bosom), the other one. A pretty chick. Regarding the interviews. How Ramesh Maharaj and Jack Warner come in that? What they know about chutney? Then when you do that people will come and ask why you didn't go and look for Christine Kangaloo or Jerry Narace in the crowd.

"Come on girl. Judgement. Judgement."

"King Arthur"

Can we add our two cents' worth? That guy who did the half time show during the T&T/El Salvador match on Wednesday night added nothing to the overall programme (yeah, the one in the B Mobile t-shirt). OK, so he wanted to get a feel of how limin' Trinis reacted to the game. First of all your producers picked the wrong venue (Trotters) because the crowd was small and tame. Why not Smokey and Bunty's? Second, he sounded as if he was sampling a few things other than the barbeque wings. Third, that's probably why he was having difficulty forming his words. He was shouting and just being overly obnoxious.

And none of the interviews were noteworthy. No, not even the one with Express reporter Lasana Liburd, who also had difficulty with his speech. We thought since your hey dey in tv interviews back in '06 based on your spat with Jack Warner that you would have been a pro at the one on one interviews by now. Oh well. You have lots of time to practice for South Africa.