Saturday, March 7, 2009


The Newsday photographer who got the shot of the John John residents running off after setting fire to debris deserves an award. There is no credit on the photo.
If we didn't know it was John John, we would have sworn the photo was taken in a war zone in some African country or in a Haitian slum. It spoke volumes about the state of affairs in the community.
And it's also interesting that no tv station carried that incident live. We all know there is crime in John John and Laventille, but when was the last time the residents staged a fiery protest to complain about alleged police brutality? Those images would have made for fantastic live tv.
Local reporters aspire to go to war zones around the world like their CNN and BBC counterparts, but when the war zone comes to them, they don't even react. Sad really.
It seems they prefer to concentrate on broadcasting rumours.